Copywriting Services

There are many ways to tell your story. Some ways are better than others. Seasoned copywriter Dan Popp brings results-driven copywriting services focused on your brand and messaging goals. His specialty is helping clients dispose of corporate clutter so they can communicate clearly.

Professional copywriting and copyediting services include:

  • Ad Copywriting
  • TV Commercial Copywriting
  • Radio Commercial Copywriting
  • Radio Feature Scripting
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Blog Writing
  • Marketing Copy and Content
  • Website Copywriting

Dan’s career as a copywriter began with writing radio spots. When you imagine each member of your audience with a finger poised over that dreaded button ready to change the station, you have a powerful incentive to get to the point.

Begin to engage your audience on their terms - and in their terms.

For more information on how Colors Audio can provide creative copywriting services for your next project, Contact Us via email, or call (330) 784-6822.


Welty Building Company Copywriting
Stofka Creative, Ltd. connected me with Welty Building Company to provide all the copy for their website.

Dan is an exceptional...copy writing/editing guru and all around good guy! Many, many times he has taken our scripts and delivered results that exceeded our expectations. I appreciate his quick wit, high level of integrity and commitment to excellence. - Paul Klouda, Video Producer and Entrepreneur

Writeyness - Article

In a world where there is so much ambiguous crap proudly posted, your words are always clear and frequently poetic. Thank you! - Brad Urbon, Sr. Account Manager, RH Blake, Inc.