Voice Over Demos

These are some of the voice actors available to work at Colors Audio.  Note: if you're using this page for casting, it's best to email me at colorsaudio@neo.rr.com and tap into my 3 decades of experience.  Some of these artists have additional demos that don't appear on the site, and there may be other voices or other considerations that I can bring to your attention.  I am not a talent agent.  It won't add to your costs to allow me to help you. - Dan  

Female Demos

Nicole Lutz (non union)

Leigh Peterson (non union)

Rosy Hong (SAG Eligible)

Cherie McClain (Financial Core)

Carrie Doak (non union)

Christy Harst (Financial Core) *

Carol Harnett (non union)

Terri-Nicole Singleton (non union)

Michelle Chaho (non union)

Jenny Grimsley Commercial (non union)

Kendall Embrescia (non union)

Jill Bernaciak (non union)

Mattie Coleman (non union)

Victoria Buss Spanish (non union)

Laura Martin (non union)

Mary Faktor (SAG-AFTRA)

Alisa Warshay English (non union)

Kathy Cistone (non union)

Connie Collins (non union)

Lynette Brown (non union)

Peggy Coyle (non union)

Heather Burns Commercial *

Diana Turella *

Lisa Wiley (non union) *

Kate Robins *

Vivian Goodman (SAG-AFTRA) *

Felicia Naoum (non union) *

Amy Brenckle (non union)

Robin Castellanos (non union)

Mandy Christie

Linda Ryan (non union) *

Jen Enskat (SAG-AFTRA)

Glad Klassen (non union)

Melissa Barber (non union) *

Demos that I've produced are on top, latest first.  Some of the demos on this page were produced elsewhere, and I'm happy to include them as a way to introduce you to these fine, local voice actors.  Demos produced by someone else are indicated by an asterisk * in the title line.

Male Demos

Dan Popp Commercial (non union)

Joe Cali (SAG-AFTRA) *

Phil Scrimenti eLearning (non union)

Mike Englert (non union)

Corey Paulus (non union)

Tom Stephan (non union)

Rob Grant (SAG-AFTRA)

Dan McCord (non union)

Greg Petusky (non union)

Jim Midock (SAG-AFTRA)

Bob Roberts (non union)

Jeff Phelps (non union) *

Denny Saralino (non union)

Leonard Grabowski (non union)

Rick Earnhardt (non union)

Rich Evans (non union)

Bob Kastner (non union)

John Shaklee (non union)

Chuck O'Brien (non union)

Andrew Lentz (non union) *

Carl DeScott (non union) *

Phil Potter (non union)

Skip Corris (SAG-AFTRA) *

Leilani Barrett Commercial (SAG-AFTRA) *

Russ Lindway Commercial (Financial Core) *

Scott Plate - English (SAG-AFTRA) *

 Scott Ross Commercial (non union) *

Jeff Drab Commercial (non union) *

Dick Figge - English (SAG-AFTRA) *

Dan Zullo (Financial Core) *

Jonathan Dentler (non union) *

Bill Fletcher Commercial (non union) *

Tony Gialluca Commercial (non union) *

Tom Bishop (non union) *