Voice Over Training and Coaching

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Dan Popp offers private performance coaching for voice actors. Learn what you need to learn, at your pace. Take these a la carte (pardon my French); as many or as few as you wish.

Why should you consider v/o coaching? What steps might you take to get to the "next level?" Or what gaps might you want to fill in your performance foundation? Well, here are a few topics we might work on, based on your needs:

  • Directability. The Number One trait desired by clients. There are several elements to directability...
  • Breathing. Some voice actors know proper breathing technique but can't always connect it to their performance...
  • Interpretive Skills. The writer meant something - what is it? Or maybe...
  • Mic/Studio Technique. OK, you don't need this. Nobody needs this...
  • Flexibility. You don't have 5 different reads in you; you have 500 or more...
  • Tricks. Not everything has to be practiced...
  • Acting for V/O. Stage actors often have a hard time in the studio. Others have a hard time acting. Thus...
  • Consistency. If you can't patch a track you recorded last year, you may not get hired next year...
  • Stage Fright/Taking Risks. OK, now I'm just off in fantasyland...
  • Making the Best of Bad Copy. Some projects don't need a voiceoverist; they need a superhero...

As someone doing voiceovers every day, and who has coached a number of others to higher levels of performance, I'm confident that I can help you, too.

To find rates - including discount packages - for voice over coaching and demo production, click here.

For more information on voiceover coaching, Contact Us via email, or call (330) 784-6822.

You coaching has given me some great things to work on. - Lisa L. Wiley

It was wonderful working with you on my demos.  I really appreciate the attention to detail and individualized feedback that you gave me during the recording sessions and throughout my coaching. - Rosy Hong, Voice Actor

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OMG...you are a MAGICIAN! Or GENIUS? Take your pick...I sound AWESOME! I love it Dan!!!! Thank you so much. Ok...I'm excited to see what happens when I put it 'out there'. - Cherie McClain

Coaching Sample - Rob Grant

What happens in coaching? We learn new techniques and apply them! Here's a sample with student Rob Grant, used by permission.

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Dan...I literally just was talking about you and the top notch treatment and demo I received at Colors. In fact, I had a new one done in Atlanta this fall and was told by industry folks who listened to both to stick with yours. You're the best! - Terri-Nicole Singleton

I say it often to friends who are interested. The voice coaching has been profoundly worth every penny. I hear results in my own delivery that owe a great deal to your work with me. - Greg Petusky, Voice Actor/Composer

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Demo Makeover: Bob Roberts

Dan’s coaching stretches your voice, your talent and your mind. So make sure you bring a bottle of water, a notebook, an open mind, and maybe even a yoga mat. - Carrie Doak

I can't thank you enough for all the instruction, correction, criticism, and encouragement. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn and to what the future may hold. Leonard Grabowski

Dan is the go to guy for Voice Over and Commercial Production. He helped me tremendously. He truly is the 'Simon Cowell' of Production Directors. If you're not prepared to hear the truth then don't show up. He is the real deal!! Jim Midock

Working with Dan enables me to reach a new level of performance. Dan...will put the most nervous artist at ease and bring the best out of them. He shares his knowledge in a fun, pressure-free atmosphere, so you can be yourself and really let it fly. Bravo! L. Victoria Buss

Dan Popp and Colors Audio worked with me to produce a stellar professional VO demo! From start to finish - script selection to coaching to mixing tracks – the work was everything and more than I expected. Dan’s balance of challenging and encouraging brought out the best in my voice. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Glad Faith Klassen

It was wonderful working with you Dan. Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and hard work. You made it so fun and easy. Michelle Chaho