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Voice Over Training and Coaching

Voice acting is a work of imagination, not manipulation. 

Dan Popp

Our Voice Acting Fundamentals Class for Autumn, 2021 is in the planning stages.  To give us your input, and to learn about developments regarding this class, join us at neoVo!

Why you should hire a pro to produce your demo instead of DIY-ing it (briefly considered):

  1. The pro knows what you can do.  You think you're the best judge of what you do best, and what you don't do very well?  "Eh," as Bugs Bunny said, "Could be."  More likely an objective ear would be a great asset here.

  2. The pro knows the market.  Unless you're already working steadily, you don't yet have a finger on the pulse of v/o - especially what's hot with clients right now.

  3. The pro knows the competition.  He'll help you find a spot of "blue ocean" where there's room for you to swim.

It may be that you can get by with "samples" for a while, or that you can audition for everything without making a demo right away.  But when you do make a demo you want it to be right, you want it to be serious, and you want it to be competitive.  No sense going to all that trouble otherwise. - dp


 I demonstrate...

Questions about Voiceover? - please read -

Friends, there are thousands of people in this area who are curious about voice acting.  It would be physically impossible for me to spend half an hour with each of them explaining what the local v/o scene is like, what they could do, how they should proceed, etc.  So I created neoVo.  This free LinkedIn discussion group lets me address lots of people at once, and allows you to speak to each other, too - so you get more than one perspective.  Please join us, learn, contribute, make friends, and become part of the local voiceover community.  Hope to see you there.


Dan...I literally just was talking about you and the top-notch treatment and demo I received at Colors. In fact, I had a new one done in Atlanta this fall and was told by industry folks who listened to both to stick with yours. You're the best!

— Terri-Nicole Singleton

Dan is the go-to guy for Voice Over and Commercial Production. He helped me tremendously. He truly is the 'Simon Cowell' of Production Directors. If you're not prepared to hear the truth then don't show up. He is the real deal!!

— Jim Midock

It was wonderful working with you, Dan. Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and hard work. You made it so fun and easy.

— Michelle Chaho

Dan...stretches your voice, your talent, and your mind. So make sure you bring a bottle of water, a notebook, an open mind, and maybe even a yoga mat.

— Carrie Doak

Dan Popp and Colors Audio worked with me to produce a stellar professional VO demo! From start to finish - script selection to coaching to mixing tracks – the work was everything and more than I expected. Dan’s balance of challenging and encouraging brought out the best in my voice. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

— Glad Faith Klassen

Andrea Melton
I appreciate everything you've done! It's been an excellent experience throughout the process. I will be back. :)
Nicki Walters
Thank you so much. I learned a lot and I will highly recommend you to anyone in need. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

Dan, thank you! Your training helped a ton, as the [first] session felt almost like an extension of the class. - Dave Thomas

Iria Calderhead
Iria Calderhead
Voice Actor
Thank you for helping me get started in this business. The production of my two demos were fantastic and have gotten many compliments!

What you taught me was BIG.  I hope you realize that! You are the first coach who taught me how to have an ear. - Felicia Naoum

You are a marvelous teacher. I learned so much and had a great time becoming more professional and skilled.

— Phil Scrimenti

Can you teach yourself voice acting?  Here's what I'm seeing.  Several miles down the wrong road

It was wonderful working with you on my demos.  I really appreciate the attention to detail and individualized feedback that you gave me....

— Rosy Hong, Voice Actor

Here are some answers to the most-asked question in this field. How to Find Voiceover Work

OMG...you are a MAGICIAN! Or GENIUS? Take your pick...I sound AWESOME! I love it Dan!!!! Thank you so much. Ok...I'm excited to see what happens when I put it 'out there'.

— Cherie McClain

What happens in coaching? We learn new techniques and apply them! Here's a sample with student Rob Grant, used by permission.

Do they create more problems than they solve? A rant voice actors should read: Why I Hate Pre-Fab Vocal Booths

I can't thank you enough for all the instruction, correction, criticism, and encouragement. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn and to what the future may hold.

— Leonard Grabowski

Working with Dan enables me to reach a new level of performance. Dan...will put the most nervous artist at ease and bring the best out of them. He shares his knowledge in a fun, pressure-free atmosphere, so you can be yourself and really let it fly. Bravo!

— L. Victoria Buss