2215 East Waterloo Road, Suite 301 Akron, Ohio 44312

About Colors Audio

Colors Audio is an audio production company based in Akron, Ohio whose work is heard everywhere! Since 1989 we’ve helped clients with crisp copywriting, flexible voice over talent and skilled audio production services. Recently we’ve added voice over training to the mix.

Our audio production services include creating and producing radio spots, soundtracks for TV commercials, phone messages, corporate communications of all kinds, and sound for eLearning and web videos.

How do we do it? With some of the world’s best recording equipment, a quiet and accurate acoustical space, and decades of experience - all here to serve your message.

There’s no magical software plugin or “secret trick” to shaping a great audio track. It’s many little things. Every step in the process is important. Colors is an audio production company that gets that. And our clients may appreciate our attention to detail more than any item on our rate sheet.

Film legend George Lucas said that “sound is half the experience.” We think he understated it. Whether your pictures live on a screen or in a listener’s imagination, the best, most cost-effective way to enhance those visuals is with powerful audio.

That’s what we’re about.

The Colors Audio Control Room, designed by renowned acoustician Michael Blackmer

About Dan Popp, Founder and Recording Engineer

Dan Popp is a seasoned Writer, Voice Actor, Voiceover Coach and Recording Engineer at Colors Audio in Akron. Since his first weekend gig at a Country & Western radio station in 1975, Dan has been learning about sound and storytelling.  He’s passionate about educating the new generation of voice actors.

You make my job so much easier. 

— Katja Schwarz-Payne, Supervising Production Coordinator, NASCAR Productions

If you want a high quality production Dan is the man. His purpose designed facility and production skills make him tops in his field.

— John Baker, Owner, TEAMCO

Dan is unparalleled in his command of sound, content, and creative and delivered stellar results for a number of recording projects. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated, competent, and extra-mile partner, as Dan takes the pieces of an idea and assembles a masterpiece.

— Retirepreneur founder Donna Kastner

Very positive outlook, great work ethic and eagle eye. You have gone above and beyond many times, and it is greatly appreciated. It is a pleasure to work with you, you are a master craftsman and I enjoy your sense of humor.

— Jean Dunbar, President, Dunbar-Pitcher & Associates

It struck me as I was viewing it that your talents are very evident on this course. You...took something that was okay and made it better by adding your talents and discipline.

— Instructional Designer Marilyn Benjamin