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Audio Production Services

For audio recording, audio editing and audio production, Colors Audio is a great choice! Unlike a "demo studio" that records bands, we specialize in commercial recording services. And we've been doing it for over 25 years.

We generally think of audio production as a three-stage process: Recording, Editing and Mixing. And we try to excel in all of them.

Audio Recording Services

What's important when choosing an audio studio? Number One on your priority list will probably be sound quality. Our Michael Blackmer-designed control room and talent studio give us the quiet, neutral sonics demanded by critical projects. Some of the world's best recording gear – like you might find at a concert by Celine Dion or in a voice session for a Disney flick – preserves every nuance of the performance.

Our audio recording services include:

  • Voice Over Recording
  • Interview Recording
  • TV Commercial Recording
  • Radio Commercial Recording
  • Recording for web videos
  • Podcast Recording
  • Infomercial Recording
  • Phone Message/IVR Recording
  • Sound Design
  • Jingles and Custom Music

Audio engineers say with irony, "We'll fix it in the mix," meaning that the time to get things right is at the very first stage: Recording. Even with all the sophisticated corrective tools available today, there's still no substitute for a clean, quiet, rich-sounding input.

Audio Editing Services

After the voiceover or other element has been recorded to Pro Tools, it's time to edit. Editing and "sweetening" may be the simplest step – but it requires concentration skills that turn out to be somewhat rare.

We provide these Audio Editing Services:

  • Assembling the Finished Voice Over Track
  • Reducing Noises Like Mouth Clicks and Breaths
  • Music Editing
  • Conforming the Audio to a Specified Length
  • Naming and Managing Files

Here again, attention to detail throughout the process means less rework later, saving you time, money and sanity.

Audio Mixing Services

Audio Mixing is the final – and probably most underappreciated – task in shaping a standout audio track. It's crucial to have an accurate audio monitoring system and environment. Even more important is the engineer's intuitive knowledge of how your mix will "translate" when it's played back in the messy, real world.

Here are some of our Audio Mixing Services:

  • Voice Over Enhancement
  • Dialog Mixing
  • Equalization (EQ) and Filtering
  • Dynamics Processing (Compression, De-essing, Limiting)
  • Loudness Optimization
  • Mixing for Your Playback Environment, or for Multiple Environments
  • Layback to Video

Your audio presentation will sound different on small speakers than on large ones; different in a cubicle than on a noisy trade show floor; different on a car radio than over a telephone. This is where the real art of the audio engineer is needed. For a polished, final audio track that evokes the emotional response you want, trust Colors Audio for the entire process of Audio Production.

Impeccable audio quality is just the beginning. Our studio rates are competitive, and our physical location in Akron, OH is easily accessible from both Cleveland and Akron. We’ve made our studios a comfortable place for both talent and clients. The parking is plentiful, and the entire facility is ADA compliant for handicap accessibility.

For more information on how Colors Audio can serve your Audio Production needs, from recording to editing to mixing, please Contact Us via email, or call (330) 784-6822.

Dan is great to work with.

— Laura Manson, Product Manager, Fresh Area Merchandising at FFR-DSI

Dan is a 360-provider with a world-class studio, and he delivers the best in coaching and directing, script-writing and recording, mixing and editing. Can't wait to work with him again! 

— Jill Bernaciak, voice actor

You’re the goods, Dan.

— Mark Trivisonno, Co-Founder, iTek, Inc.

We won’t need to call you in for pick-ups on [audibook] Barnstorming Ohio because we didn’t find any issues during the Quality Control process! ... No-pickups is rare indeed, and it means all of you did your part to make this a successful effort, and I am so grateful.  -  Elece Green, Producer, Hachette Audio

The experience was wonderful, great location, great leader, and great experience overall. - Retha Louis, Voice Actor

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You have good ears. 

— Stephen Paul, audio legend

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We have used Colors Audio for both studio recording and voice talent. In both capacities, their attention to detail and customer satisfaction is outstanding. I would highly recommend Colors Audio and will continue to use them for all our audio recording needs.

— Katie Stibora, Rockwell Automation University

God has blessed us by being able to use you in assisting us in so many ways. Our hearts will always be grateful. 

— Ruth Detweiler, The Calvary Hour

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Again, you are a super genius!

— Alyssa Papadopulus, Advertising Copywriter, Summit Racing Equipment

You're a ROCK star!!! 

— Jen Bast, Senior Program Manager - NA Learning & Talent Development, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Nothing but praise for Dan Popp and Colors Audio! True professionals that know how to have fun…you are a valued member of our team. 

— Shannon Zaher, Mulberry Marketing Group