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Protect Your Hearing

As I write this, Summertime is calling forth the lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, to add to year-round threats to your hearing like power tools, amplified concerts and especially earbud listening.

The biggest fallacy about noise-induced hearing loss is that only really loud sounds can damage your hearing. You know, if it doesn't hurt, it's OK. The truth is that even moderately powerful sounds can contribute to hearing loss if you're exposed to them for a long period of time. The formula is Sound Pressure Level x Exposure Time = Risk.

I use disposable foam earplugs. A lot. I carry them with me at all times, and I've been known to pop them in when dining in a noisy restaurant and even in church. My favorite brand is "Hearos" because they seem to work well and they're not expensive.

I'll close with some quick things to remember (hey, it's Summertime; you've got things to do!):

Hearing loss and other difficulties like tinnitus are permanent.
Hearing protection is cheap, easy and fairly comfortable.
Above all, don't cause your own hearing loss by cranking up your earbuds for hours. Listen to headphones at the lowest level you can live with, and do not turn them up after your ears get fatigued - take a break instead.

You can thank me later. I hope I'll be able to hear you.


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